Designed to support the standards of Solana Lucent Station, the policies listed below apply to all residents, apartment occupants and their guests.

Community Policies, Rules and Release

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Welcome to your new home professionally managed by Mission Rock Residential (MRR). We hope these community policies acquaint you with the many services and facilities available to you. It is the goal of Mission Rock Residential to maintain a community where all residents are proud to call home. In order to maintain an attractive enjoyable environment for all of our residents, certain policies and rules have been established and must be adhered to. Realizing that everyone may not be aware of these policies, we have outlined them for your review and acknowledgement. The management office is open to serve you and we request your assistance in maintaining high standards for your community.

Your lease contract is a very important document, be certain you received a copy. You need to thoroughly read the lease contract and all addenda to the contract. Please contact the management office if you have any questions about the contract or addenda.

Residents and all occupants, and guests, must comply with all policies regarding use of the resident’s dwelling and the common areas. There are policies contained in the lease and separate policies attached to the lease or provided to the resident(s) during the lease term. For purposes of this acknowledgment, “owner” includes the dwelling owner named in your lease, Mission Rock Residential and their respective partners, employees, officers, directors, agents and servants. “Lease” means the Lease Contract between owner and resident(s). “Home” means the, town home, or other space leased from owner including garages.

The owner does not promise or warrant that owner will be aware of crime that happens in the area or even on the property. Owner will try to notify the residents when owner becomes aware of a serious crime on the property with written notice attached to residents’ front door.

If you would like to obtain accurate crime statistics for this geographic area, the local police station will be able to accommodate your request as a matter of public record. Additionally, the community maintains copies of resident notices issued in response to reported crimes occurring at this location. These copies may be viewed upon request.

Owner reserves the right to reduce, modify or eliminate any security system, security devices or service (other than those statutorily required) at any time and without notice; and such action shall not be a breach of any obligation or warranty on the part of the owner.


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